Project Description

 Longevity, inspection, maintanace, repair and lower boiloff (BOG/BOR) solutions

WEG-Cryoservice has participated on 5 full scale Moss tank upgrade’s ( >120.000m3) engineering services and repair since 2001 and carried out many inspections and MOSS tank insulation repair during the years.

We claim to be the most experienced company in this field and are able to arrange a proffesional group of insulation contractors to carry out professional rectification of your system.

Main purpose of our insulation upgrade is:

  • Reduce loss of inert gas from annular space
  • Rectify and remove any coldspot
  • Reduce boil-off by reducing gas leak and thermal mass transport
  • Reduce boil off by restricting heat ingress due to added insulation
  • Protecting the hull structure against harmful temperature fluctuations and absolute temperatures during operation
  • Act as improved partial secondary barrier and spray shield for 15 days in case of primary barrier leak, ensuring hull temperature above specified minimum values

The upgrade system is designed according to the IGC code specifically for the Moss tank insulation system

Please contact us for an Inspection (sample) onbord or during voyage and tailormade rectification solution that suits your needs either its local cold spot repair or lowering BOR 50% using existing insulation and adding class approved materials in an efficient and safe manner.

Working on Moss tanks involves high heights and needs safe and cost efficient solutions for application, access and final result with no cold spots. We know how to do it right first time.

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