Project Description

1.Square ceiling size(600*600),see below indication :
Note:keep the distance from bottom ceiling to the above deck at least 200mm(≥200mm)
Celing Panel 01

2.installation procedure
上搁件(FC02)或者上盖→螺杆(threaded rod FD05 MB) →螺杆套(FDC07)→吊挂件(FDC05Y) →主吊梁(FD01) →装饰条((JCP-C7)→天花板(ceiling Panel)

2.1 Weld the angle bar ,Fix the side top rail” FL09” and weld with angle bar, must keep the top surface horizontal . See the photo if profile A adopt.
Fix the FCO2(angle bar sheet) together with side wall by rivet ,and the keep the 650mm -750mm for rivet distance. See the photo if profile B adopt.
2.2 Please weld the FD05x M8 together with the top deck , keep the distance 600mm. see the profile 3.
2.3 Please put the FDC05and FDC05Y together by FDC07.
2.4. Please put FD01 (main beam) insert into FDC05Y. keep all the parts(FD01) are conplane .
2.5. According to the profile A or profile B, insert the JCP-C7(decoration of ceiling).
2.6. Punch the ceiling from the bottom ,and fix with the FD01.

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