Project Description

2900L Vertical type offshore portable tank(IMDG UN T11)

Approval and certificate ,registration:  DNV2.7-1、EN12079、IMDG UN T11, ASME VⅢ Div 1

General specifications:

Nominal Capacity (Tolerance +- 0.75%)    :2900 Liter

Tare Mass (Tolerance +- 1.5%)             :1810 Kg s

Maximum Gross Mass:                    : 6500 Kg

MAWP                                   : 2.67 bar

Test pressure                             :4 bar

External Pressure                         :0.21 bar

Dimensions                     : Length 1995 mm   Width:  1995 mm   Height:  2154 mm

Tank Design Temperature                 :-20°C to+50°C

Tank Design Code                        : ASME VIII DIV.1

Tank vessel and frame specifications:

Tank vessel (removable style):

Tank Barrel Material :316L Stainless steel

Steam Heating       :No heating

Insulation            : No insulation


Frame type             : Beam

Lifting unit           : 4lifting padeye placed on top side of corner post.

Top specifications:

Manlid               :460mm Stainless steel

Safety Relief Valve    :1 pcs  2.5″ pressure (3.3 bar) relief valve ,

Air Inlet               :   1 1/2” /SS316 with PTFE main seals & TIR , with a stainless dipstick. spillbox covers

Walkways             :Shot blasting and painting

Top grating            : Hot dip galvanization

Rear specifications:

Bottom Discharge    : 3″ 45º highlift/ballvalve assy

Terminating into a 3″ outlet with cap.

Thermometer        : No Thermometer

Air vent              :  ¾” ball valve with ¾” connection cap at bottom.

Level gauge          :  DR90STS for chemical applications

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