Project Description


This document presents the technical specification, standards of compliancy and detailed quality requirement of MMD cabin product, in design, fabrication, testing and commissioning.
Product Code: 20ft MWD-1
The cabin is equipped with standard accessories and fittings according to layout and functional requirements. With optional additional features if specified.


2.1 Design certified (C.O.C: Third party certification)
DNVGL-ST-E271 2.7-1 Offshore Containers
DNVGL-ST-E272 2.7-2 Offshore service modules
BS EN 12079-1:2006 Offshore containers – design, manufacture and marking CSC – Container Shipping Certificate

2.2 Design compliancy (D.O.C: Declaration of conformity)
SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regarding P.F.P. (Passive Fire Protection Aspects) Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
IEC 60079-0 Explosive Atmosphere – Part 0 Equipment General Requirements IEC 60079-13 Equipment Protection by Pressurized “P”


3.1 Area Classification
This cabin is designed and built for operation in hazardous classification area for offshore oiland gas operations worldwide.
Ambient: Zone 1
Main Room: Safe Zone during pressurization
Air-lock: Zone 1

3.2 Gas Group & Temperature Class
Group II, IIA T3

3.3Noise levels
External noise maximum = 80db (A)
Internal noise maximum = 50db (A)

3.4 Design Temperature
Environment Design Temperature: 0℃to +40℃, max. Relative Humidity: < 70% Steel design Temperature: -20℃to +50℃.

3.5 Design Pressure and Ventilation
Internal pressure minimum = 50 Pa
Ventilation capacity for 4-man.

3.6Fire Classification
The door, window, floor, roof and walls of the cabin insulated and lined to comply with A60 fire rating.


4.1 Steelwork & Ratings

4.1.1 External Dimensions: 6058mm Length x 2438mm Width x 2591 mm Height.
Roof, Wall steel materials thickness 4mm.
4.1.2Ratings: Max. Gross weight 12,000 kg, Payload2000 kg (approx).
4.1.3Lifting point: 4 no Pad-eyes.
4.1.4The steel temperature class will be -20℃.
4.1.5ISO Conner Castings: 8 no ISO corner casting fitted to top/base corners.
4.1.6Prefabrication welded Transits for cables and pipe entries through steelwork walls.
4.1.7 Slings as a spare part to provided, Four(4)-leg Sling assembly complete with lift
shackles and master link certified to DNV2.7-1 ,SWL: 12,000 kg, Steel material Sleeve

4.2 Coating & Marking
4.2.1Coating of steelwork
Blast clean to Sa 21/2 ISO 8501-1

Application Layer Material Thickness(DFT)
Layer 1 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer 50 um
External Layer 2 High Build Epoxy MIO 100 um
Layer 3 Aliphatic Polyurethane 50 um
Internal Layer 1 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer 50 um

4.2.2 External Color: TBD.
4.2.3 Marking and Label: TBD
4.2.4Logos: TBD.

4.3 Architectural

4.3.1 1 no. recessed A60 outward opening personnel door, Carbon steel, dimensions: 2000mm Height x 800 mm Width c/w external stainless steel handle, automatic door closer and heavy duty hinges to be included.
1 no. recessed A60 outward opening escape hatches, Carbon steel, dimensions: 800 mm Height x 800 mm Width c/w internal panic bar and external handle, escape hatches can be open on both sides.
4.3.2 1 no. S6*1 and 2 no. S2*1 Transits for all cables and pipe entries.
At one end a recess will be formed to fix all technical hook-up connections and outside AC condenser units.
A60 Rated Mineral wool insulation will be applied to all steelwork inside, walls, roofs. Steel floor with A60 deck covering.
4.3.3 1 no. S6*1 and 2 no. S2*1 Transits for all cables and pipe entries.
4.3.4 At one end a recess will be formed to fix all technical hook-up connections and outside AC condenser units
4.3.5 A60 Rated Mineral wool insulation will be applied to all steelwork inside, walls, roofs. Steel floor with A60 deck covering.
4.3.6 1 no. Air-lock incorporating B15 door with viewing window and automatic door closer.
4.3.7 2 no. Earth Boss fixed at the each end of cabin.
4.3.8 1 no. step ladder facility to safely access the rooftop.
4.3.9 B15 Rated marine paneling system will be utilized for the wall lining, roof lining and
internal partitions.
4.3.10 Non-slip PVC flooring.
4.3.11 1 no. A60 windows with mesh protection, viewable window size 900x600mm, Carbon
4.4 Internal Fitments

The internal fitments will be built to suit the configuration and layout of cabin, the exact furniture will have to be approved by customer before execution.
4.4.1 1 no. Workbench along one side wall, manufactured from MDF material; size about
L3800mm x W550mm x H750mm (approx).
4.4.2 3 no. MDF drawer cabinet c/w four drawers under the workbench, for 3 operation
4.4.3 1 no. combo cupboard 2500W x 400D x 450H mounded at high level of side wall,
fitted above workbench. 3 spaces suitable for storing A4 binders, made from MDF.

4.4.4 1 no. 40U x 19’ x 30” Deep Equipment Rack with sides covered, fixed to another side
4.4.5 3 no. office chair, height adjustable with proper back seat support.
4.4.6 1 no. white board, fixed on a free wall space, appropriate size.
4.4.7 1 no. 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher close to the airlock internal door
4.4.8 1 no. Frame with six(6) tilt and swivel brackets for monitors mounted.
4.4.9 1 no. Coat hooks in airlock.

4.5 Electrical

4.5.1 Power supply: acceptable voltage input 380v/440v/480v/600v/690v 3 phase + Earth,
4.5.2 Cables: Minimum of flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-3-22
Cable containment: Cables installed within cable trucking or clipped on stainless steel
perforated plate.
4.5.3 2 no. Ex rated hook-up isolator safety switch for main and emergency (F&G) power
4.5.4 2 no. Ex rated Junction for Signal and Data & P.A. loudspeaker hook-up.
4.5.5 1 no. 20KVA rated transformer with Primary side 380-440-480-600-690V/3P,
Secondary output of 400V/3P+N.
4.5.6 1 no. Voltage filter 7.5 KVA wired for 220 and 110 VAC output
4.5.5 9 no. 230V 13A UK twin type switch sockets above workbench, 3 of them shall be
powered by UPS (by client).
4.5.6 3 no. 110V 15A US twin type sockets.
4.5.7 1 no. Distribution board c/w circuit breakers and other components for lighting,
sockets and AC.
4.5.8 2 no. fluorescent light fixed at the ceiling. 1no. light switch control.
1 no. desk light above desk and 1 no. light switch control.
4.5.9 2 no. Ex emergency light fitting: one fixed in airlock ceiling, one fixed in above the
emergency Exit. The emergency light Zone 1 Ex-approved and light fittings with integral battery and battery capacity for at least 90 min should be used.
PDC CPFG -Combined Pressurization Fire and Gas panel
The system is Ex-approved and suitable for installation within Pressurized Cabin, and the system has a emergency supply interface fitted which will operate the CPFG Control and Monitoring
The system is suitable for operation on 380/480/600/690Vac 50/60Hz power supply.
System Operating Temperature: -20 to +55℃, Storage Temperature: -40 to +60℃
The CPFG for controlling the purge, pressurization and shut down of the cabin, the system also
incorporate the Air pressure, Fire and Gas monitoring and alarm Ex-approved equipments.
4.5.12 2 no. Smoke detector and 1 no. Manual Call Point.
4.5.13 1 no. CH4 Gas detector, fixed in air inlet and Air-lock
Optional: 1no. CH4 Gas detector, fixed in main room.
4.5.14 Optional: 1no. H2S Gas detector, fixed in main room.
4.5.15 1no. ESD button, fixed in main room.
4.5.16 1no. Audible & Visual alarm, fixed in main room.

List of Ex-approved equipment

Ex-approved Equipment AREA RATING QTY
Ex. Safety switch for main power Zone1 1
Ex. safety switch for F&G system Zone1 1
Manual Call Point Zone1 1
Smoke detector Zone1 2
ESD Push button Zone1 1
Audible & Visual alarm Zone1 1
CH4 gas detector Zone1 2

Cabin Ventilation
The ventilation fan will be powered and controlled via the cabin CPFG panel.
4.6.1 1 no. packaged ventilation unit include a Ex-rated pressurize fan. Unit casing
manufactured to the stainless steel to withstand the offshoreconditions c/w duct and adapter flange to connected fire damper, this unit fixed in the external recess.
The packaged ventilation unit will be designed to remotely by elongation of the 15m air duct.
4.6.2 2 no. A60 fire-rated and Ex-rated electrical fire damper fixed in air inlet and outlet,
frame material thickness 3mm with galvanized. Function of cut off the air supply and
close the damper from CPFG control. Normal release temperatures of fusesincluded.
4.6.3 1 no. Pressure adjustment damper fixed in outlet and close to the fire damper
4.6.4 1 no. Minihelic gauge to monitor and provide reading of internal pressure.
4.6.5 1 no. Pressure switch
4.6.6 1 no. Air flow switch

Air conditioning

The cabin has been designed to cooling to inside temperature approx 24℃ during summer conditions.
Ambient Temperature: +40℃ Relative Humidity: < 70%
2 sets of independent Split Air conditioning is specially customized for offshore operation to withstand the toughest weather conditions. The functions of the units are specified to cooling only.

4.6.7 1 no. Cooling thermostat to control cooling function.
Summary list of AC equipment
Refrigerant Gas
Outdoor unit including Compressor and Condenser
Environment protection type
Non-Ex, 24000 BTU
Ex-proof Zone 1, 50/60Hz

4.7 P.A. / Telecommunications Equipment

4.7.1 2 no. Ex P.A. speaker located in the main room
Speakers wired to Ex e junction box in the hook-up recess.
4.7.2 1 no. Telephone cable wired to the externally located Ex e junction box in the hook-up
4.7.3 1 no. CAT6 LAN cable wired to the externally located Ex e junction box in the hook-up
4.7.4 PC & Monitor Cabling for 3 each network stations, each workstation includes below
data ports with cables connected to equipment rack with 2m extra length.
VGA:2 no. VGA socket above workbench
USB:2 no. USB socket above workbench
LAN:1 no. Ethernet ports(RJ45) above workbench

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