WGE OFFSHORE IS A LEADING IN DESIGN AND PROVIDER OF SPECIALIST at mud logging modular.we can provide 10ft ,15ft ,20ft size mud logging unit for the offshore rig operations. And all units comply with DNV2.7-1,DNV2.7-2, IEC60079-13 as international standards. normal including under:1. DNV2.7-1/EN12079;
2. DNV2.7-2, base on SOLARS, IMO FSS Code and MLC
3. CSC certificates;
4. ISO-Norm-R-668, High Cube;
5. A60 outer Door with intergrated A60 windows: 2pcs;
6. A60 insulation in walls and ceiling;
7. Noise reduction of 45DB;
8. A prewiring for connection to existing PA/GA-System
9. Power and internect sockets, switches, lights,loudspeakers;
10. HVAC-System for heating and cooling (-20° to +40 °C);
11. fire dampers and fire extinguishers
Fire& Gas detection system is included in our CPFG system, please check attached CPFG schematic and picture for details. This CPFG panel is what we customized in UK, combines the pressure, fire& gas detection/alarm and shutdown functions, and specific for pressurized modules.

For gas detection ,the gas detectors from Crowcon is chosen; and for smoke/heat detector the Intrinsic safe products from good brand will be used, both datasheets are attached for review.

this system including CPFG panel, gas detectors and Smoke/Heat detectors was assessed and approved by DNV in previous DNV2.7-2 projects.