WGE will provide high quality exproof type Atex products for global client ,such as Atex telephone,Atex plugs,Atex sockets,Atex lighting ,Atex junction box,Atex gas detectors,Atex air conditon ,Atex fan ,Atex switches ,Atex tools etc. Normally calssification zones and equipments indicated under , zone0 equipment with type test certificate , zone 1 equipments with type test certificate ,zone2 equipment comply with basic requirments of directive 2014/34/ EU , please note :equipment certified for zone0 and zone1 also canbe used ).

We aslo should noted that Hazadrous location should be ? zone 0 represents the most dangerous part of the Division 1 classification ; zone 1 are almost the same as the class1,Division 1 locations in the class, division system except they do not include those locations defined as class1,zone0, where ignitatle concentrations are present all or most of the time ; zone 2 locations are the same as class1,division 2 locations in the class, division system.